The Caregiver Education and Training Project

The Regional Geriatric Programs (RGP) of Ontario and six project partners from across the province are developing a curriculum of continuing education and training for family caregivers.   This project is supported by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  The education and training will help the province’s growing number of caregivers of frail senior family and friends by providing practical information about skills and self-care.  We are co-designing the curriculum with caregivers in facilitated workshops across the province. Click here for Caregiver workshops video.

Please see Events for workshops in your area.

Senior Friendly Hospitals (SFH)

The vision of Senior Friendly Hospitals is to optimize the health and wellness of older adults while they are recieving care in hospital for a safe transition home. The Senior Friendly Hospital collaborative, numbering 87 hospitals across Ontario, work together and share their successes in quality improvement focusing on senior-friendly care and service. Please click on the logo below to access SFH resources:


Geriatric Emergency Management Network (GEM)

The Geriatric Emergency Management nursing network represents a service providing specialized frailty-focused nursing services in many of the province’s emergency departments. It comprises 123 nurses in 56 emergency departments across Ontario lending their expertise to acheive better heatlh outcomes to frail seniors or those at risk of frailty. Please click on the logo below to access GEM resources:


Geriatrics, Interprofessional, and Interorganizational Collaboration (GiiC)

The Geriatrics, Interprofessional, and Interorganizational Collaboration initiative provided knowledge-to-practice training to 200 primary care teams located in Family Health Teams and Community Health Centres across Ontario. It focuses on three core competencies in providing senior-friendly care: geriatrics, inter-professional teamwork, and inter-organizational collaboration. Please click on the logo below to access GiiC resources: